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Headshot photo of Tracey in a white button up and black coat

Welcome to my campaign’s website! I’m Tracey Verhoeven, and I’m running in Georgia State Senate District 21. My district covers North Fulton County (including Milton as well as portions of Roswell and Alpharetta) along with most of Cherokee County including Ball Ground, Canton, and my hometown of Waleska!

I humbly ask for your support in the May 21st Democratic Primary! Stay a while to learn more about me, my values, and how you can join our grassroots-fueled campaign. It’s time to do the right thing for ALL Georgians!

An Obligation To Serve

I am a small business owner, mother, and caretaker of my own mother who is working hard to do right by my family. When I was nine years old my father, who was a Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputy, was killed in the line of duty responding to an armed robbery. His sacrifice instilled a sense of obligation in me to serve others and do my part in making our nation better for everyone.

Since then, I’ve always fought in big and small ways to make things around me better – from organizing a boycott in elementary school because our teachers weren’t refrigerating our milk before lunch, to working extensively within the political organizing space to oppose discriminatory ballot measures and elect Democrats in key battleground states.

Tracey standing behind her son along with her mother and horses with them
Tracey and her son at a baseball game standing beside a stature of a Braves player

I’ve lived and worked in places across the country and met a wonderful, diverse array of people due to my successful career in sales. My work in sales and marketing has strengthened my communication skills and fostered my solution-oriented mindset. I’ve also worked in the theater, film, and television sectors where I was able to build my voice and confidence – which are extremely vital when it comes to sticking up for your constituents and holding people in power accountable.

I’ve learned so much along the way from these experiences, and I hope that I can bring a much needed perspective to the State Senate – one that is focused on making Georgia a better state for people in all phases of life from childhood to retirement.

I hope you’ll join me in this journey to build something better for the people of Cherokee County and North Fulton!


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What Doing the Right Thing Means

My platform is focused on making life better for all my neighbors and all Georgians, whether you’re going to school like my son, working to build a life for yourself, or retired like my mother!

As an American, I am tired of the divisiveness. When I ran for a non-partisan seat years ago, I was fortunate to connect with all voters regardless of party. This gave me the opportunity to talk about issues that most Americans agree on.

My areas I’m focused on most are improving our eldercare system, strengthening our state’s educational and childcare opportunities, and enacting reasonable gun safety reforms that the majority of Americans can agree on.

Here is how I’m committed to doing the right thing for all Georgians:

Doing the right thing for our elders:

  • Pass a tax credit that will provide financial relief to family members who act as caregivers for elderly or disabled relatives. Georgia is a leading state for caregiver burnout.
  • Expand Medicaid to make assisted living and other medical costs more affordable for seniors, especially those who are not fully covered by Medicare.

Doing the right thing for our children:

  • Create incentives and credits that will make childcare more affordable and accessible, especially in rural areas.
  • Fully fund our public school system.
  • Ensure that reasonable waiting periods and other reforms are put in place, along with vulnerable youth outreach programs, to reduce the risk of firearm-related violence in schools.
  • Dedicate urgent attention to reforming and rehauling DFACS, which is currently struggling to oversee our state’s failing Child Protective Services program along with Georgia’s foster care system.

Doing the right thing for women:

  • Protect women’s freedom for reproductive healthcare access, including the right to choose and the right to life-saving medical procedures.
  • Enact common-sense gun safety laws that protect domestic violence victims.

Doing the right thing for all Georgians:

  • According to Gallup, 71% of Americans approve of unions. I would eliminate laws that make it more difficult for workers to unionize in Georgia. Unions played a huge role in the growth of the middle class in the early to mid 20th century.
  • Everyone deserves respect – I would oppose measures that seek to restrict the rights and safety of LGBTQ+ Georgians.
  • Pass red-flag laws to protect our law enforcement officers from gun violence.
  • Enact policies to incentivize gun safety and responsible storage practices to reduce unintentional deaths by firearm and suicide by firearm incidents.
  • We all deserve affordable healthcare. I would expand Medicaid to provide healthcare coverage to thousands of Georgians who live above the poverty line but still struggle with increasing healthcare expenses.

Contribute to Tracey's Grassroots Campaign

I am humbly asking for your support as I journey to the Gold Dome! I’m so excited to take a step forward in this lifelong journey of political activism and public service.

Make a Difference In Your Community

Volunteer and help Tracey make a difference! There are many ways to volunteer, from walking door to door, hosting a meet and greet, or hosting a fundraising event.

District 21

The State of Georgia passed new maps for the legislature as part of a special session in November 2023 after a federal judge invalidated all Congressional and state maps for Georgia.

The new District 21 spans Cherokee and Fulton counties and includes parts of the cities of Alpharetta, Ball Ground, Canton, Holly Springs, Milton, Nelson and Waleska.

To find out if you live in the District, log in to the state’s “My Voter Page” and scroll down to “My Districts & Elected Officials”.

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Map of District 21